Husqvarna 125BVX Hand Blower and Vacuum


SKU: 952 71 19‑02
Cylinder displacement 28 cm³
Power output 1.1 hp
Maximum power speed 8,000 rpm
Fuel tank volume 16.91 fl oz
Idling speed 3,000 rpm
Electrode gap 0.024 in
Fuel consumption 575 g/kWh
Engine Family CARB *PWES.0284BQ
Air flow in housing 470 cfm
Air flow in pipe 425 cfm
Air speed 170 mph
Air speed (flat nozzle) 170 mph
Air speed (round nozzle) 130 mph
Blowing Force 12.5 N
Vac bag capacity 17 gal (US)
Weight 9.6 lbs
Product Size, LxWxH 14.9 x 8.1 x 13.4 in
Tube diameter 0 in
Vacuum Kit Yes
Harness Single harness
Nozzle type Round+ Flat
Sound and noise
Sound pressure (15m) 70 dB(A)


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