Flexible Gorilla Tub Yellow 6.9 Gallon


Tubtrugs are the world’s most useful tubs. The Tubtrug is the original 2-handled tub that is the most useful tool for thousands of jobs around the home and garden. Great for carrying, mixing, pouring, scooping, plastering, storing, washing, gardening, pets – the list is literally endless! Fantastic for many heavy-duty jobs and used by landscape gardeners, builders, plasterers, mechanics and fishermen the world over. The Tubtrugs are flexible (yet very strong), frost-proof and UV-proof (won’t degrade in sunlight or frost). Simply carry around from spot to spot, fold it flat to sweep leaves into it, mix compost in it, dunk hanging baskets in it, carry compost and fertilizer to the garden, and carry produce back to the house. Tubtrugs are made from 100% food grade plastic.
Size: Medium 26 Liter
Color: Yellow


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