VP Multi-Mix Ethanol Free Fuel 94 Octane 50:1 & 40:1 – 5 Gallon


VP Multi-Mix is a superior, ethanol-free 2-cycle fuel that is premixed with oil. It works for any 2-cycle gas-powered engine in outdoor power equipment that requires either a 40:1 or 50:1 gas-oil mix. We formulate our 94 octane fuel to meet the exact requirements of hard-working small engines, such as those found in a string trimmer, chainsaw, or leaf blower.

Multi-Mix is blended with higher-grade base stocks. As a result, it burns cleaner and eliminates the dirty and time-consuming process of mixing your own oil with gas. Furthermore, it’s ready to use; pour it into the tank, start the engine, and get to work. You can store Multi-Mix up to two years in the tank or five years in an unopened can – no fuel stabilizers needed.

The lubricant package in this 2-cycle fuel meets or exceeds JASO FD, ISO-EGD, and API TC standards, as well as all manufacturers’ specs, including Stihl, Husqvarna, Echo, Maruyama, Shindaiwa, and more!

So, why would you buy Multi-Mix? Quite simply, convenience. Many people have a combination of 2-cycle engine outdoor power equipment. Some require a 40:1 fuel mix and others require a 50:1 gas mix. It’s a hassle and confusing to keep track of the right fuel for your equipment. VP Multi-Mix takes out the guesswork because it works equally well in both applications.


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